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The Zambian Orphans Appeal

The Zambian Orphans Appeal (ZOA) is a school-based charity established by Kevin Gilbert, a former Teacher of Chemistry at St George's and a former volunteer teacher in Zambia. ZOA provides the funds to maintain the running of an orphanage in Serenje known as the 'Serenje Orphans Children's Home' (SOCH). A number of schools worldwide have participated, or are still participating, in the project and at present, the orphanage running costs are almost totally met by St. George's British International School.  

The fund raising at St George's is coordinated through the ZOA Committee at the school, currently run by Mr Talbot.  This charitable enterprise has proved a popular vehicle for St George's pupils of all ages, keen to organise and host charity events, and for many IB students to satisfy their CAS requirements and to gain new insights into the meaning of Internationalism.  

Furthermore it has been wonderful to observe how some students have developed a real passion for the project.  This flame is kept alive through bi-annual trips to Zambia, where students and staff get to know the children and carers at the orphanage and contribute to worthwhile projects at the site.

To find out more, visit ZOA online.

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