St George’s GCSE and IGCSE students achieve ‘Highest Grade in the World’

Congratulations to the following St George's students who have recently been awarded certificates by EDEXCEL/Pearson Education recognising that they achieved the ‘Highest Grade in the World’:
GCSE Art and Design
  • Gherardini, Giulia 
  • Iannace, Carla
  • Ruihong, Jiang
  • Klikowicz, Zuzanna
  • Nabeel, Amr
IGCSE Chinese
  • Li, Ao
IGCSE History
  • Clapp, Emilia
GCSE Italian
  • Feld-Smith, Ruby
  • Gaviano, Dante
  • Hu, Virginia
  • O'Brien, Zara
IGCSE Physics
  • Klikowicz, Zuzanna
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