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May Week

'May Week' is a St George's tradition that your son or daughter will always remember, as well as being an important aspect of the curriculum.  From Year 7 to Year 10, most pupils will take part in an away trip, organised and led by teachers, lasting one school week within the month of May.

In 2017, Year 7 were offered a trip to Umbria, Year 8 a sailing trip to Sardinia, and Year 9 an outdoor adventure trip to the Alps. Year 10 had a choice between Berlin, Montpellier or Valencia.

For those students not able to go on the away trips, a variety of rewarding home course options were provided, which included different activities in the local area.

Year 7: Umbria

A lovely journey north of Rome, pupils stay at the enjoyable 'Alphabet camps' in Umbria. 

Year 8: Sardinia Sailing

The week is spent learning to sail, in the beautiful setting of the Maddelena Archipelago in Sardinia. Students develop team skills on land and sea. We have been working with this sailing school for over ten years and our students have always found this to be a valuable and memorable experience. 

Year 9 Alpine Adventure, Val d’Aosta 

The group travel by coach to the Italian Alps and base themselves near Villeneuve for a week of camping and the great outdoors. There is a full and varied outdoor activities programme run by Acorn Adventure, a UK company who take care of all equipment and provide qualified instructors. No previous experience is necessary for pupils.  

Year 10: Three choices

Valencia (Spanish language/culture)

A Spanish course in a language school: pupils receive 4 hours of tuition for 5 mornings. In the afternoon, they explore Granada and its surrounding area and culture, including a day trip to Seville or Malaga. 

Berlin (German culture/history)

Whether historians or not, this is an enjoyable trip to one of Europe's most significant cities. 

Montpellier (French language/history)

An enjoyable trip to the South of France. 

Home Courses

Alternatively, for those who decide not to participate in May Week trips outside of Rome, there is the option of:

The May Week Home Course

Year 12: Lower Sixth: Lago da Vico

The Lower Sixth have their May Week in October! This is to build some team spirit and friendships early in the academic year. During May Week proper some serious work is done: All Year 12 students will be involved in the Science (Group 4) Project Days and other IB diploma activities.

In the meantime, Years 11 and 13 are left in peace to get on with their IGCSE and IB exams!