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English - Teaching Staff

Frances Vulpiani

Frances Vulpiani is the Head of English. She is from the UK and was previously an Assistant Headteacher at Rokeby School in London. Having taught both in London and in Uganda and Romania, Frances is experienced at teaching a wide range of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

Adam Oliver

Our Head of Senior School, Mr Oliver, also teaches English.

Emily Talbot

Ms Talbot is a Teacher of English.

Ella Fox-Johnson

Ms Fox-Johnson previously taught English and Drama in an Academy in East London and now teaches English at St George's.

Geraldine Farrell

Ms Farrell has been at St George's for ten years and has taken on the role of Senior Teacher for Classroom Excellence and Standards Improvement.

James Allen

Mr Allen is from England, and has been teaching internationally for twenty years. He has taught in Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Togo in West Africa, Vietnam and Malaysia. He has been Head of English in three different international schools, and is an IB examiner.

Jaco Luies

Mr Luies is originally from South Africa but has lived in London for the past 14 years. 
Having studied English and Psychology at university in South Africa, he has taught English for the majority of time in both countries; 5 years in South Africa and 14 years in London. At St George's, Mr Luies is an English Teacher.

Monica Bertuzzi

Ms Bertuzzi is currently teaching English and Mandarin in KS3 and KS4, preparing students for the IGCSE exams, plus English B at IB level. At the start of this Academic Year she has taken on the role of EAL Coordinator and she is in charge of EAL tuition across the Senior School.