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In the arms of language children will discover the family of humanity. They will learn what has gone before, and they will learn what is left to be done. In language they will learn to laugh, and to grieve, to be consoled in their grief, and to console others. In language, they will discover who they are.
Tobias Wolff

The English Department believes that a happy learner is a successful learner who should always be challenged to achieve above and beyond his or her potential!  The IGCSE English Language results testify to the dedication and determination of both staff and students at St George's, as well as to the admirable work ethic of both, particularly when you consider that 75% of our students do not have English as their mother tongue! However, English is the lingua franca at St George's where our winning entries in local, national and international prose and poetry competitions are also evidence of the popularity and success of this subject at St George's.

The three years of Key Stage 3 are spent honing our students' knowledge of syntax, spelling and grammar as they learn to express themselves competently, clearly and cogently. Emphasis is placed on the classics as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction in Literature classes: Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Golding, Dahl and Harper Lee. St George's is particularly proud of our students' positive response to poetry.

Poetry is like a bird; it ignores all frontiers.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

We are the only department who prepares our students for two IGCSEs: English Language (Cambridge) and English Literature (Edexcel).  

We shadow the English National Curriculum until the Sixth Form when our students follow the International Baccalaureate programme. Some of our students continue their achievement in - and enjoyment of - English by choosing this subject at university level.

Our EAL section within the English Department offers such valuable support to those students who have English as a second or third or fourth language. Monica Bertuzzi coordinates this linguistic enrichment. We also organise a host of enrichment activities to nourish our students' linguistic excellence such as our Poetry and Prose Speaking Competition, The Oxbridge World Youth Debate Experience, the visit of the Globe Theatre Players with their presentation of Shakespeare's plays, visiting authors and poets, Shakespeare Day and participation in international writing competitions.

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