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Teaching Staff at St George's CITY CENTRE Junior School


Ms Knights - Deputy Head of City Centre Junior School

Ms Knights is the Deputy Head

Ms Adams

Year 2 Class Teacher and KS1 Co-ordinator

Ms Hancock

Year 3 Class Teacher and KS3/4 Co-ordinator

Mr Cassettari

Italian Teacher

Ms Montanucci

Year 5 Class Teacher

Ms Nixon

Year 1 Class Teacher

Ms Reid

Red Dragons Class Teacher

Mr Verrecchia

Early Years Co-ordinator (Green Dragons)

Ms Watson

Year 4 Class Teacher

Ms Woods

Year 1 Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Ms Iannace

Year 2

Ms Jarvis

Learning Support

Ms McCarthy

Green Dragons

Ms Miccolis

Year 1

Ms Diaconu

Year 3/4

Ms Scola

Year 5/6

Ms Risi

Red Dragons

Specialist Teachers

Ms Ali 

Italian Teacher

Mr Bestall

Director of Learning Support

Mrs Johnson

EAL. Teacher

Mr Boey

P.E Teacher

Ms Spagnoli 

Italian Teacher