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Teaching Staff at St George's CITY CENTRE


Class Teachers for 2017-18

Ms Katherine Kida - Deputy Head of City Centre Junior School

Ms Kida has taught at St George's since 1978, so has great experience of the school and indeed of teaching.  As well as her role as Deputy Head, Ms Kida is a Year 6 Class Teacher.

Ms Adams

Ms Adams is the Year 2 Class Teacher and KS1 Co-ordinator. She joined St George's in 2008 with several years of teaching under her belt.

Ms Hancock

Ms Hancock joined St George's in 2011.  She teaches Year 3 and is also the KS3/4 Co-ordinator.

Marco Cassettari

Mr Casserttari is an Italian Teacher.

Ms Montanucci

Ms Montanucci joined us in 2012 and this year will teach Year 5.

Ms Nixon

Ms Nixon is currently a Year 1 Class Teacher.

Ms Reid

Ms Reid is the Red Dragons Class Teacher and she joined George's in 2010.

Ms Stark (Sabbatical)

Ms Stark is a Year 4 teacher at St George's. She has taught in many different countries and has over 10 years teaching experience. The last four years she spent time in Dubai and last year she moved back to Rome from Tokyo. Ms Stark will be on Sabbatical during 2017-2018.

Mr Verrecchia

Ms Verrecchia joined us in 2013 and this year she is the Early Years Co-ordinator (Green Dragons) at St George's.

Ms Watson

Ms Watson is a Year 4 Class Teacher.

Ms Woods

Before coming to St George's, Ms Woods was based in the UK working within Early Years. Ms Woods currently teaches Year 1, this is her third year teaching at St George's. 

Teaching Assistants

Ms Iannace


Ms Jarvis

Learning Support Assistant

Ms McCarthy

Green Dragons

Ms Miccolis

Year 1 Assistant

Ms Diaconu

KS2 Assistant

Ms Scola

KS2 Assistant

Ms Risi

Red Dragons Assistant

Specialist Teachers

Ms Al Ali 

Ms Al Ali joined the St George's team in 2013 to teach Italian.

Mr Bestall

Mr Bestall is a Director of Learning Support.

Mrs Johnson

Mr Johnson is teacher of EAL.

Mr Boey

Mr Boey joined in September 2016 to teach P.E.

Ms Katie Roberts      

Ms Roberts has been the Head of Junior Music since 2005.

Ms Spagnoli 

Ms Spagnoli has been teaching Italian at both Junior Schools since 2009.