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Business, Management and Economics

The Business and Economics department is responsible for delivering Economics and Business & Management, two of the Group 3 (individuals and societies) options that are studied by Sixth Form students in their International Baccalaureate programme.

Business & Management is a rigorous and dynamic discipline that examines business decision-making processes and how these decisions impact on and are affected by internal and external environments.

It helps develop an understanding of business theory, as well as an ability to apply business principles, practices and skills. The course considers the diverse range of business organisations and activities and the cultural and economic context in which business operates. Emphasis is placed on strategic decision-making and the day-to-day business functions of marketing, production, human resource management and finance. Links between the topics are central to the course, and this integration promotes a holistic overview of business activity.

The study of Economics is essentially about dealing with scarcity, resource allocation and the methods and processes by which choices are made in the satisfaction of human wants.

As a social science, economics uses scientific methodologies that include quantitative and qualitative elements.  The course emphasises the economic theories of microeconomics, which deal with economic variables affecting individuals, firms and markets, and the economic theories of macroeconomics, which deal with economic variables affecting countries, governments and societies.

Both courses encourage students to develop a world-wide perspective and consider global issues, and our location in Rome ensures that we teach in a truly international environment.

Economics and Business & Management are very popular amongst the Sixth Form students and, whilst they have often not studied the subjects before, many students continue to study them at university. In recent years approximately one third of students who have studied in the department continue to study Economics, Management or Business at university, and their success in the subjects at St George’s ensures they are well prepared for their university life.

For more information, please contact Sonia Barber, Head of Department.