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Behaviour for Learning

At St George’s we continuously work hard to create a common approach to behaviour across the school and we expect the highest standards. We want to develop in all of our pupils a clear and intrinsic understanding of the vital importance of appropriate behaviour so every individual can learn effectively in every situation. All staff will always recognise positive behaviour in a variety of ways depending on the age of the child and we have a reward system across the school where house points are given for excellence. For those pupils who, on occasions, fall below the standards we expect, there is a clear set of consequences, again appropriate to age.

Whether it is using the ‘Golden Rules’ in the Junior Schools or the ‘St George’s Charter’ in the Senior School, our intention is always to work positively with every pupil so they develop over their time in our school clear and deeply held principles about the vital importance of the highest standards of behaviour in all situations.

The St George's Charter