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You get what your art is about from other people…you're taking your soul out. I've learnt about myself… and I've learnt how to see life from other people's points of view.

At all stages of their Art & DT education at St. George’s, students are expected and enabled to function as practising artists and designers. The physical space of the department is located along the entire upper floor of the school, and is run in the manner of a studio or design workshop. We aim to create a stimulating environment where students in all years can work on an ambitious scale and be inspired and encouraged by each other’s completed or evolving work. 

Specialist teachers, with extensive experience of contemporary industrial and artistic practice, deliver our Art & DT curriculum using a full range of traditional and contemporary media. Their breadth of knowledge and skills combine to offer all students a valuable source of expertise and inspiration to call upon.

St. George’s students share a diverse and constantly evolving array of knowledge, cultural perspectives, capacities, inclinations and interests. They are exposed to the diverse stimuli of Rome, and the wider, increasingly globalised society. We aim to help each individual to develop the practical, theoretical and investigative skills necessary to engage in the critical, creative and cultural exploration of the world around them. 

..the role of the artist is to show concepts and ideas that people don't usually consider in everyday life..

Our students frequently go on to study at the best universities including Chelsea, St Martin’s, The Slade, The École des Beaux-Arts and The Royal College of Arts. Not every St George’s student will choose to pursue art or design at a higher level. Nevertheless, through proactively discovering, and subsequently attempting to resolve, individual and collective problems in surprising, innovative and appropriate ways, they may develop the foundations for a lifetime of learning and creativity. Collaboration underpins all forms of creative endeavour, and recurs throughout our approach to teaching and learning. This ranges from the creation and testing of healthy drinks in DT, to collective artworks such as whole-class digitally animated films. Sharing and developing unfolding ideas through group dialogue, both verbal and visual, is central to our practice at every level. 

As well as achieving consistently outstanding examination results, our students often win significant prizes in local, national & international competitions for their work in Art and Design & Technology. Recently this has included first prize for Senior Art in the International Baccalaureate Organisation's global Art competition and runner-up prizes in the two most recent UK Design Museum’s Student Designer competitions.

St George’s students' work is featured on the Saatchi gallery website and in the IBO’s gallery of the best student artworks worldwide. It is used to exemplify excellence in conferences and workshops internationally and also to help train new IB Visual Arts teachers.

Please contact Greg Morgan, Head of Art and DT, for more information.         

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Above: a selection of photos taken during school art trips, either locally or further afield.

To see some of the best recent work our students have produced, please visit the Showcase page.