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At St George's we pride ourselves on building a culture of personal fulfilment, mutual support and respect for different cultures.  We work to help our sixth-formers embody these values and become model citizens as they venture on their journeys of life-long learning and thinking. Higher education destinations for St George's students feature institutions around the world.  Our alumni have a reputation for achievement and personal success and include some influential names.


Preparation for university applications commences at the end of Year 12. Through a programme managed by the Universities Guidance Counsellor (Ms Helen Kearney), students identify early on in their IB career the nature of courses and educational institutions they are seeking to enter after St George's. Students attend a series of careers presentations during Year 12 which will help them make informed decisions. Students are then given detailed guidance on the UCAS process for UK universities and the Common Application Process for the US, as well as tailored management by the Universities Advisor for European and Home institutes. Sixth Form tutors offer guidance and support for the Personal Statement and application process. They are also given guidance on resources for external test preparation and all test administration is managed by the Universities Guidance Counsellor. 


A large percentage of students choose to attend higher education institutes in the UK - in this case conditional entry offers will be made by universities during Year 13. Offers for the US are unconditional and the process varies elsewhere in Europe and further afield. The Head of Sixth Form and the Universities Guidance Counsellor monitor all student applications and provide comprehensive support to ensure all students are placed on a course of their choice. This process extends to supporting students after the publication of IB results so that every individual is able to secure the right university place for them. 


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