2015 IB Results

IB Results – Breaking News

Dear Parents, guardians and students,

We are delighted to inform you that this year’s Upper Sixth have continued the brilliant work of their predecessors in 2013 and 2014. Once again, the Year 13s have set many new benchmarks, and have in fact established themselves as both our largest-ever and in many ways our most successful ever IB class.

In 2013, we crossed the 34-point average line for the first time; this year the students have excelled even that magnificent figure, shattering the 35 point barrier.

Congratulations, Class of 2015! You have achieved:

• Highest-ever average IB score = 35.2. (The world average is usually around 29.6-8)

• Highest-ever average Bonus Points score of 1.88

• For the second year in a row, 1 student scored 45 points. Congratulations to Mark Clapp! Mark will be going on to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences, joined also by Carlos Val Mas on the same course.

• 13 students scored 40+ points – almost 20% of the year group. Congratulations to: Mark Clapp (45); Flavia Bernabò, Valentina Stefanile (43); Chiara Castrovillari, Carlos Val Mas (42); Julie Colibeau, Eugenio Fenoaltea, Mariam Jatta, Caterina Piccolomini (41); Francesca Carlino, Lavinia Giungi, Simone Giusti, Madeleine Holderness, (40)

• 26 students (well over one third of the year group, and again the highest-ever total) scored 38 points and above. (38 points represents the level of IB points where admissions to the world’s very best universities begins.)

• 68 students passed the Diploma

This is a truly remarkable performance and the staff collectively congratulate EVERY student, all of whom fought and won their own personal battles to achieve their personal very best and maximise their potential.

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